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how to transfer mp4 files to iPad/iPhone

Apple products are so popular that you can see many people take a iPad/iPhone by hand, they enjoy movies, musics when they are waiting bus, drinking coffee. This makes our life more colourful.

But as we know, all apple products can’t support DVD format, so they need to purchase videos from iTunes. This may spend too much money, and now the economic crisis is still so serious. We suggest users to get videos from other method. As known, mp4 is the common format that all apple products supports, so you may rend DVDs from vendors near by, then use DVD Ripper soft to rip DVDs to mp4(iPad, iPhone, iPod all support this format). Then transfer the mp4 files to your iPad/iPhone/iPod.

Further more, since different apple device has different parameters, like screen, resolution, so we suggest you use choose  proper profiles to rip DVDs. While Longo Mac DVD Ripper( or Longo DVD Ripper for windows users) provides separate profiles for iPad, iPhone, iPod, so you don’t need do extra setting, just choose corresponding profiles with your device.

To transfer mp4 files to iPad/iPhone/iPod with iTunes( iTunes is a media player, written by Apple Computer, for playing and organizing digital music, video files, and purchasing digital music files in the FairPlay digital rights management format. ), you may follow the below steps.

1. Download free iTunes from and install it on your Mac or your PC. Please note, the version should be at least 10, of course the latest version will be best.

2. Connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad to your computer, then launch iTunes.

3. Click My iPhone/iPod/iPad on iTunes, and select Manually Manage Music and Videos option in the Summary pane.

Use iTunes to transfer mp4 to iPad/iPhone/iPod

4. Click the File>Add File to Library on iTunes to locate the mp3 or mp4 files you need to iTunes. The files will be be automatically added and classified under LIBRARY.
How to add .mp4 file to iTunes library

5. Drag music or videos under LIBRARY to My iPhone/iPod/iPad. You will see the file under the library of My iPhone/iPod/iPad.

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